A new resource for pastors leading through today’s complex sexual issues.

Leading a Church in a Time of Sexual Questioning

Hi Church Leader,

    When I began pastoring I was in my late 30’s and felt like I had a lot of life experience. I soon realized that there were many issues facing families in our churches, which were more complicated than things I had ever "led" people through in the business world. And most of these were things seminary had not prepared me to handle.

    There was an affair a deacon had and the broken wife who called to tell me about it. I had never been asked to referee disputes between in-laws and young couples until I became a pastor. And so many more examples.

    In my naivety, I never anticipated there would be more complex issues still to come in my role. Yet, there were. The issues get more complicated every year. How do we maintain Biblical truth yet continue to love our communities with grace?

    Leadership Network has a history of helping the church "see around the corner". This year we are releasing three books aimed at helping churches in three very important areas, including mental health, women in leadership, and the book I want to highlight here. Bruce Miller’s Leading a Church in a Time of Sexual Questioning is a needed resource for the church today.


Ps: I am frequently asked if I can guest preach in churches these days. The answer is yes. I have a limited number of available weekends each year. Please let me know if I can help and any way I may serve you.   


Ron Edmondson

Chief Executive Officer

Leadership Network, 1328 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, United States

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