Listen to the story of this ministry and the lives of students whose lives had been deeply transformed.

Meet The Refuge Youth Network

Hi Church Leader,

Earlier this spring I had the privilege of serving on the speaker team for MultiSummit, a gathering of leaders working with students in multisite churches. Early in our time together, during the introductions in fact, I was intrigued by the story of the team from Refuge Youth Network. My attention was captured for a couple of reasons. First, Micah Marshall, the team leader, began his introduction by saying, “I’m not really sure we should be here, because technically we aren’t from a multisite church.” He went on to note that they were serving as student ministry pastors at three churches in rural Pennsylvania … from three different denominations. Second, I was struck by both the passion and the humility that both Micah and Ryan Alden (Director of Operations) exhibited as they told the story of their ministry and the lives of students whose lives had been deeply transformed. Over the course of the three days, I heard more of their story and the principles that drive Refuge Youth Network.

What began as a request from a neighboring church for Micah to serve students in their congregation has grown to a three-way collaboration, with a fourth church soon to be on-boarded. In some ways, this is not really a new model.  John Wesley, and the early circuit-riding Methodists served “multiple point charges.” But I loved the Kingdom collaboration exhibited in their story. In fact, the leading principle for their ministry is “Kingdom.” They focus on people and organizations that are committed to focusing on Kingdom good, a commitment to more than just one person’s success. This is demonstrated not only by the diverse churches involved but the list of “partners” below that find prominent placement on the ministry website and are key to the impact being experienced.

  • Blair Family Solutions, LLC,
  • The Door, Inc.
  • Evolution Counseling Services, LLC
  • Redline Nutrition
  • The Rock
  • Champion Roofing
  • Little Caesar's
  • Sheetz
  • The Clay Cup Coffeehouse
  • Fraternal Order of the Eagles  
  • Christine Plastering  
  • J&B Lawncare
  • The United Way of Blair County
  • Operation Our Town
  • U.P.M.C.
  • Green Bean Coffee House
  • 31:25 Boutique
  • Shannon's Pro-clean
  • Stuckey Automotive
  • Degol Organization
  • Brethren in Christ Foundation
  • Integrity Homecare
  • Truth Quest

I recently had the opportunity to record some time with Micah and Ryan so that you can meet them and hear firsthand what God is doing through two young leaders willing to be used by God. Enjoy!

What is working in student ministry for your church?  

God Bless,

Greg Ligon
Chief Operating Officer

Leadership Network, 1328 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, United States

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