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Leading from a position of health is central to next level leadership.

Hi Church Leader,

As you know, over the last eight months we have been highlighting a few issues that we believe are central to leading at the next level. One of the key ones is leadership health. We consistently remind ourselves that if we aren’t growing healthy churches, and encouraging healthy church leaders, all of our work will be in vain.  

Leadership in the church is a weighty task. Unfortunately, the news is dotted with the stories of leaders who have found themselves crushed under that weight, resulting in a need to step away, or step out of their role. Just this week, I have spoken with two leaders who have asked for insight and prayer into how they can gain, or regain, health in a role where they find themselves driven by production … the next service, the next plant, the next leadership initiative.  

Because we believe in healthy leaders, we are happy to partner with Steve Cuss, lead pastor of Discovery Christian Church, in his book, Managing Leadership Anxiety. Steve’s excellent work offers valuable principles to help leaders understand the anxiety, the weight of leading. His insights will help leaders take back control of their lives and lead again at the next level.

In case you missed some of our other posts about leader health, you can check them out here and here.

Greg Ligon
Chief Operating Officer

Learn more about Managing Leadership Anxiety by Steve Cuss
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