In 2019 churches and leaders have continued to advance the Kingdom and Leadership Network is thankful for being a part of the journey.
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A Look Back at 2019


Can you believe that 2019 has come and (just about) gone? Our hope is that you have experienced personal, spiritual growth this year, as well as ministry fruitfulness. And, if you have suffered any setbacks or had to navigate difficult changes, we hope that the love and grace of God has sustained you through it.

This year we have heard countless stories of churches that have multiplied their impact and leaders that have experienced transformational growth. Some of these powerful moments involve our friend Kadi Cole - author of the book "Developing Female Leaders" and director of our group for women in leadership. We interviewed Kadi this week and asked her to share some stories with us.

LN: How have you seen the Lord use your book to help churches address this topic?

Kadi: One thing that I appreciate about LN is their commitment to elevate topics and issues that are important but often inadequately addressed. The topic of women in leadership fits into that category. I have been so encouraged by the pastors and leaders that are hungry to talk about this in a positive and constructive way. And, the women serving in these ministries are feeling more and more supported by their church leaders.

LN: How have you seen the Lord multiply the impact of the leaders you work with?

Kadi: Just this week I received a call from a high-capacity female leader. She was preparing to interview for an executive-level position at a church that is connected to the LN family. This is the first time that a woman had ever been invited to interview for this kind of position in that congregation. The culture of that church is being transformed right before her eyes. Changing the culture within a church is hard work, but the Lord is doing some wonderful things.

LN: How have you seen women develop more confidence to lead and walk in their ministry calling?

Kadi: One female leader recently shared that the elder board of her church had read the book and worked through it as a team. Soon after, the elders came to her with a sincere apology for not affirming her leadership in more equitable ways. They worked hard to give her a raise and affirm her voice. Can you imagine what that has done for her, personally and professionally? I really believe that churches are leveraging this book to challenge their thinking and evaluate their ministry practices.

Leadership Network was proud to partner with Kadi for the launch of her book "Developing Female Leaders." Order the book, and make a commitment to work through it with your leadership team!

In addition to this, we want to take just a moment to highlight some other resources that have impacted churches this year. You may find that these will serve you in the days ahead.

  • Pastors Steve Cuss and Bruce Miller also released books this year. Steve Cuss wrote "Managing Leadership Anxiety" to help pastors and leaders overcome anxiety in biblical and practical ways. Bruce Miller addresses a topic that every church leader needs to be thinking about -- leadership in a time of shifting cultural and sexual norms. Also, be sure to check out the Masterclass that Bruce will be leading on this topic.
  • Leadership Network also partnered with Generis to conduct a brief survey on the multisite movement. You can view that report here.
  • We also released revised and updated Compensation Tables. This tool provides a closer look at salary trends, role-specific data, and comparison data. To learn more or place your order just click here.
  • Just a few months ago Leadership Network partnered with Living As One to take a closer look at the world of online church. The full report is available for download.

Thank you, friend, for leading the church into the future!

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