Thought leader Reggie McNeal outlines three ways God is using the Church to usher in the Kingdom

3 Epic Shifts Underway in the Church

Hi Church Leader,

When I talk about Leadership Network with pastors, one name I consistently hear is Reggie McNeal. Reggie is one of the top thought leaders in the Church today and has been a huge part of our history of helping churches "see around the corner". I am thankful for Reggie’s friendship and that he remains a Senior Fellow of Leadership Network. I enjoy learning from him.

Reggie has experience as a denominational executive and leadership development coach, as well as having served in local congregational leadership for over twenty years. Reggie has lectured or taught as adjunct faculty for multiple seminaries, including Fuller, Southwestern, Golden Gate, Trinity, and Columbia International. He has also resourced the US Army Chief of Chaplains Office, Air Force chaplains, and the Air Force Education and Training Command.

Recently, Reggie did a presentation I thought would be helpful for the church to hear. Reggie stretches us to think bigger than today. Borrowing from an old cliche, we know what got us where we are will not sustain us or help us grow in the future. In order to reach a rapidly changing culture, we must think differently than we have before as churches.

I hope you will set aside some time to watch this short video. I would love to hear your thoughts.

We are committed to helping the church continue to accelerate growth and innovation. I share your heart to make more disciples.

Please let me know how we may serve you in the future.

PS: I am frequently asked if I can guest preach in churches these days. The answer is yes. I have a limited number of available weekends each year. Please let me know if I can help and how I may serve you.   

God Bless,

Ron Edmondson

Chief Executive Officer

Leadership Network, 1328 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC 28428, United States

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